The objective of founding the firm was to become a leading manufacturers and exporter of sodium silicate. PCC works till 1979 and the business shattered due to sad demise. Haji Abdul Ghaffar (Late) was one of the partner of Pakistan Chemical Corporation (PCC) with a superb technical excels.

Afterward, Haji Abdul Ghaffar (Late) established his own new business with his technical capabilities by the name of “Abbo Vali Mohammad” (AVM Enterprise). From the establishment, 1979, AVM Enterprise starts in the field of chemicals trading with major dealings in Sodium Silicate, Textile Auxiliaries, Dyes and Chemicals. During the span of more than three decades the AVM Enterprise efforts credit & good name in Textile Industries & Chemicals Market. AVM Enterprise is the name of a group working with a panel of technical and capable persons for growing up and increasing the value of business in textile industries & chemical market. The group in consist of knows market player in the industries of chemical products. After the great success and achieving the goals,

The group of Technical people after the partition and migration to the Pakistan and formed a partnership firm, as “Pakistan Chemical Corporation (PCC)” at Capital and business hub Karachi.

AVM Enterprise converts their Enterprise into industry for willing a quality business in textile industries & chemical market, which knows by “AVM CHEMCIAL INDUSTRIES”

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