Established in 1998, AVM CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, by virtue of the fact that it is the oldest, the most diverse and most prolific of the group. Conceived out of a vision to provide maximum customer satisfaction through innovative products that are AVM CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES provide dynamic range of international quality, CHEMICALS AND TEXTILE AUXILIARIES manufacturer in PAKISTAN.


To be strong feedback standard system, Management, and quality product, Manufacturing to serve good and better service to the customer as professionally makes our Strength with customers.


To achieve product excellence and delight customers through total commitment, to quality and service, For the benefit of our customers.


To be a global supplier of world-class, CHEMICALS AND TEXTILE the year 2018.


By the specific system AVM CHEMICAL INDUSTRIESconduct their training and reviewing training compress of experiences consultancy in order to facilitate the upcoming requirement with complete turnkey system management, by the documentation, implementation, internal audit and certification with the system of International Standard Organization, ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS – 18001.


Spurred by our quest for promoting excellence, continual improvement through research and development is with us a way of life. All our products are formulated, perfected, and evaluated to rigid international standards. The best raw materials supplied by internationally recognized manufacturers are used. With the latest equipment, in high-tech chemical laboratories, under strict hygienic conditions, a series of stringent tests are carried out covering both physical parameters status of the products before being released to the market.


AVM CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES management being sensitive to changing customer requirement is very dynamic, flexible and open to new ideas. Customers deal directly with senior management personnel who ensure quality response in terms of products and service. The company has a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals who are committed to excellence in terms of product quality.

AVM CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, functioning with Product Quality Management by technical support and liaison services to its customers for product qualification.

Till Now

AVM CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES has received quality BRAND AWARD 2009-2012 and also nominated XXV and XXVI International Europe Award for Quality New Millennium Award Paris, France, AVM CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES is one of the “NO. 1 QUALITY AWARDED OF PAKISTAN”